Fox takes the 100 Thing Challenge

some people have
and others want
what some go without
~”could you bite the hand?” Wolf’s Rain OST1

I did this more for curiosity than anything else…”how much stuff do I have?” I’m not actually taking the Challenge…I don’t believe in arbitrary numbers or limits.

My personal rules for the 100 Thing Challenge are a little different. For one, I live by myself, effectively. The only thing that’s not a part of the apartment that the roomie and I share is the microwave. I’ve left out the kitchen and the bathroom. I’m just not hardcore enough to list my deodorant as an item. I’ve got several categories, but I tried to limit them. The cats’ stuff is not included.

To let you know how far I’ve come…I was a packrat as a kid. I kept everything. Old notes, birthday cards, knick-knacks. I probably owned more then than I do now. I got rid of most of it over the years. I did have a pretty decent amount of stuff when I moved back in with my parents about two years ago. Then, upon moving out, I discovered I had enough stuff to fill up my car, my dad’s truck, his truck bed, a small trailer, part of my mom’s car, and there was still stuff still to be moved. So I spent six months getting rid of boxes and bags of crap. Now I’m down to pretty much just this. Do I need it all? Not to survive. Will I continue to purge in the future? No doubt. But I’ve gotten myself down to the things I really want to keep.

EDIT: I’ve struck through the things I’ve gotten rid of as of 1/28/10.

Here we go:

1. Sunfish magnet I got in Japan. You cannot tell me it is not badass.
2. Praying Mantis magnet.
3. Magnetic notepad. Probably off to Goodwill soon.
4. Magnetic dry-erase board.
5. Cell phone with charger.
6. Desktop computer with its component parts.
7. Happy Buddha statue.
8. Books (category).
9. Video games (category).
10. DVDs (category).
11. CDs (category).
12. PS2 with components.
13. Marmot plush.
14. Sandals – leather.
15. Sandals – rope.
16. Old sneakers.
17. New sneakers. I’m so adverse to buying new shoes my mother will buy me two pair of sneakers at a time. These will be used when the old ones are so covered in refried beans and glass as to be unusable.
18. Altar setup with supplies (category).
19. Bones and craft supplies in box under bead (category).
20. Mule skull.
21. Cow skull.
22. Jewelry box (category, includes jewelry and misc items I keep in it).
23. Grocery bag in house.
24. Grocery bag in car.
25. Ancient dog plush.
26. Blanket.
27. Fox plush K-chan gave me.
28. Camping tent (includes pad and tarp).
29. Cooler.
30. Camp chair. I was looking for a Texas flag camp chair. The Bird found this one sitting next to a dumpster. For the fucking win.
31. Sleeping bag.
32. Suitcase.
33. Staff.
34. Walking stick. Handmade for me by my father.
35. Undergarments (category).
36. Socks (category).
37. Ed jacket.
38. Hoodie.
39. Pants.
40. Pants.
41. Pants.
42. Pants.
43. Pants.
44. Pants.
45. Pants. Three of these are maybes. I’ll decide during the winter, when I figure out how many I need once I can’t wear shorts.
46. Shorts.
47. Shorts.
48. PJs, year round.
49. PJ bottoms, for when it’s fucking cold.
50. Wallet.
51. Hat for work.
52. Stocking hat. May not keep.
53. Hoodie the second. May not keep.
54. Umbrella.
55. Scarf.
56. Gloves.
57. Sarong green.
58. Sarong blue.
59. Hand towel K-chan gave me.
60. Texas flag. May later become wall decor.
61. Shirt.
62. Shirt.
63. Shirt.
64. Shirt.
65. Shirt.
66. Shirt.
67. Shirt.
68. Shirt.
69. Shirt.
70. Shirt.
71. Shirt.
72. Shirt. Critical mass on shirts (out of hanger error) has been reached. Any more and I’ll have to get rid of some.
73. Tank top plain.
74. Tank top spaghetti strap.
75. Tank top muscle.
76. Faire costume.
77. Interview outfit.
78. Camo jacket.
79. Camo jacket my mother saddled me with that I can’t make myself get rid of.
80. Art supplies (category).
81. Overnight bag.
82. MP3 player and charger, with one pair of headphones.
83. Headphones, backup. The pair I’m currently using is on its last legs.
84. Belt.
85. Belt. I like them both.
86. Pen case (category). Includes pens/pencils.
87. Nintendo DS, with cord.
88. Set of the Sandman postcards.
89. Camera, with cords and battery charger.
90. Apples to Apples, with expansion.
91. Alarm clock.
92. Sketchbook.
93. Sofa, the cow elk skull.
94. Couch, the bull elk skull, currently at Mom’s.
95. Houseplant.
96. Houseplant.
97. Houseplant.
98. Houseplant.
99. Houseplant.
100. Houseplant.
101. Plant stand.
102. Bone cleaning supplies (category).
103. Good luck bell from Japan.
104. Pot for tomato plant.
105. Bicycle.
106. Car.
107. Quilt.
108. Quilt.
109. Extra pillowcase. From when I used to have two pillows.
110. Deer skull in kitchen.
111. Deer skull in bedroom. If I’m going to count the others, might as well throw in these guys.
EDIT: 1/28/10: Add in a Wii and a new handtowel from Japan. I ditched the TV and the TV stand.

I’m sure I’ve missed something, and I’m sure there are things that I counted/didn’t count that others would count/would not count. It is a pretty comprehensive list of everything I own, though, save kitchen/bathroom and my furniture (which is pretty minimal).

I’m intending on doing a post about my kitchen in the near future. Maybe next week sometime. So after that, if you add in a basic and pretty minimal bathroom (I don’t wear makeup) along with a bed, a desk, a chest of drawers, a bookshelf, a futon, two stools, some wall hangings, and a desk chair, you pretty much have the sum of what I own.


2 Responses to “Fox takes the 100 Thing Challenge”

  1. Dargon Says:

    My vies on the 100 thing challange is that it is silly. 100 items seems rather arbitrary, and figuring what counts as an items is rather subjective. Are my shoes one or two items? Does a single fork count as one item? And the futon as well? The futon is much larger than the fork.

    As far as I am concerned, in living minimally, keep what you use, get rid of what you don’t. I used to be quite the packrat as well, but I’ve gotten a lot better. Last time I moved, I had enough to fill a midsize sedan, a pickup truck, and a whatever a Versa is. I’m trying to make that even less. Since I’m moving over some time this time, I’m going to get rid of stuff as I go. The closet gets packed this weekend, and I’m sure I’m going to end up throwing out and giving to goodwill half teh stuff in it.

    • “As far as I am concerned, in living minimally, keep what you use, get rid of what you don’t.”

      I agree with Dargon; I like the essence of the 100 thing challenge, and I can see myself doing it… of course, let me move out and see what little few things I have first. I think the more interesting conversation here is what we need and what we want and what we have…. of really thinking, why must we have this and that, then devising a reasonable inventory of objects that fits these reasonable needs.

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