I’m still not vegetarian and a discussion about discussions on food

Don’t want to argue, I don’t want to debate
Don’t want to hear about what kind of food you hate
You won’t get no dessert ’till you clean off your plate
So eat it
~Weird Al, “Eat It”

The question of whether or not one should eat meat is something that will never end. It’s almost a religious belief, especially for me. Are the animals I eat grown in the terrible conditions of factory farms? Almost certainly. Can I justify this? No. But my aversion to not eating meat seems to be as well-seated as a vegan’s aversion to eating meat.

The battle of veganism vs. vegetarianism vs. omnivory is not a battle that’s going to be won. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be a battle at all. But, like religion, there are people covering all points of the spectrum. There are people who say that no one should eat anything that doesn’t fall off the plant in front of them and there are those who think meat is the only thing humans should eat (both are biologically impossible). Then there are those who don’t give a fuck and just want to eat in peace, dammit.

And like religion, abortion, capital punishment, and talking during movies, it’s often couched in moral terms. And when someone argues from a moral standpoint no one ever wins.

But people get so caught up in their own moral superiority that they forget that not everyone subscribes to their worldview. They forget that the other person is human as well and may (or may not) have thought long and hard about the choices they made. They forget that others feel as strongly as they. They merely see “the enemy.”

There are arguments for and against both sides. Some of them valid, some of them not. Logical fallacies abound and assumptions are made with a complete disregard for biology. “Death hormones?” Seriously, now.

Humans are omnivores. Instead of accusing one another of being insensitive, we should acknowledge that we can eat just about anything you put in front of us, and that results in a varied diet, even for people under the same roof.

Ultimately, I really don’t care if you’re vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, or a meatatarian. I have my ideas about what I should be eating, and while I may argue for them, ultimately the decision of what you put in your mouth is yours and not mine. Do I feel my way of eating is morally superior to another’s? According to my worldview, yes. Am I going to make an ass of myself about it? Fuck no. Or at least I intend on avoiding making an ass of myself about it. Sometimes when someone is wrong on the internet you just can’t help yourself.


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