Much ado about a minor chore

Holly: And Cloister gave to Frankenstein the sacred writing, saying, ‘Those who have wisdom will know its meaning.’ And it was written thus: ‘Seven socks, one shirt -‘
Lister: That’s me laundry list! I lined the cat’s basket with me laundry list!
Holly: The Blue Hats thought it was a star chart leading to the promised land.
~Red Dwarf, “Waiting for God”

I ran across this the other day. It’s called “Project Laundry List,” and the goal is to make “air-drying and cold-water washing laundry acceptable and desirable as simple and effective ways to save energy.” There’s even going to be a movie.

I thought it was hilarious at first. Really, all this about LAUNDRY?

But then again, I’ve also found people who wash the sheets and towels of everyone in the household on a weekly basis to be just as hilarious and a little excessive. No wonder they hate laundry day.

Do I subscribe to the principles of Laundry List? Yes. I cold-wash and air-dry all my clothing. I also do a load of laundry once every two weeks or so…I wear my pants twice and do laundry when I run out of shirts. Or rather, run out of shirts I can wear to work (the tank tops and my precious Red Dwarf shirt are out…for different reasons). But when a dollar will buy you a meal or two, drying your laundry is expensive.

Do I wish more people would air-dry laundry? Yes. Dryers are rather redundant, especially here in Texas where your blue jeans will dry much faster just set out in the sun. (Or hung neatly on your shower rod, for those of you uncomfortable with leaving your clothing outside.)

I’m not going to be an air-dry laundry activist. The whole thing just seems rather ridiculous and to be focusing on that cheapens the whole push for less energy dependency. Such simple practices as air-drying laundry are part of the solution, but in my opinion it’s one that those so inclined will embrace on their own. Preaching it to people who don’t give a crap is more likely to get them scratching their heads and wondering just what the hell the green movement is on.

One Response to “Much ado about a minor chore”

  1. Dargon Says:

    I’m air drying again. Admittedly, when I had my own dryer and money, I machine dried my clothing, but now that I is poor and have tto use the quarter sucking machine again, it’s back to air drying!

    Admittedly, I, too, do the onle load thing, though I usually warm water wash. Seems to work better. And sheets and towles, those get it like once a month or something.

    And dammit, now I wants to watch Red Dwarf.

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