“family of 6 lives off $4/wk for food”

From the The Non-consumer Advocate

Pay attention to what she’s buying with those coupons and you’ll find out why I don’t clip many. I try to avoid processed foods and foods laden with preservatives. I usually cook meals from scratch with lots of produce…something that rarely has coupons. I also don’t have the space to stock up on fifty thousand packages of paper towels (I use cloth towels, anyway). I wonder if she actually uses all of those or if they just accumulate until she throws them out (“They were free! I’m not losing any money just throwing them away!”)

Sure, I’d love to eat off of $4/wk. But I’d have to be a lot more broke than I am now to consider it.

I do use coupons, mostly for toiletries and things that I actually intend on using at some point. But I only clip coupons for shit I will actually use…not for soy candles I don’t need. A quick look for my grocery store on Coupons.com offers nothing that I will eat or buy. And even with coupons it’s often much cheaper (and a lot easier) to just go with the damn store brand instead.

So there you have it. Fuck coupon clipping.

4 Responses to ““family of 6 lives off $4/wk for food””

  1. Kristie Says:

    I totally agree with you! I used to coupon a lot , but would rather have nonprocessed stuff. I did (and sometimes do) get a lot of things free, and I would donate to our church food pantry or save nonfood items for gifts or gift baskets (depending on what they are). I end up saving more money shopping at places like Aldi or the markdown carts at our local grocery store.

  2. See, the thing is I can go to the local discount grocery store here and get the generic stuff for even cheaper than brand names with coupons (and the coupons are only ever for the brand names).

  3. Trisha Says:

    yeah…her pantry kinda makes me want to gag. I used to live off of half that shit when I lived in the dorms and I can’t eat it any more.

    And also, what in the world would you do with that much freaking ketchup?

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