The hypocrisy of the green movement II

Big money makes the decisions, big money owns all the gods
And I can’t help but laugh at the puzzled expression when I say I won’t give to the cause.
~”Every Sacred Thing,” Gaia Consort

I became rather irritated about the topic of accountability in the green movement while writing “Copenhagen”. So here’s part deux of “Hypocrisy.” Because I felt like expounding on it.

What’s that famous Gandhi quote everyone’s always using? Oh, yea: “We must become the change we want to see in the world.” Overused, but very true regardless. Yes, I am looking at you, Mr. Gore.

The fact that the “green movement” has yet to publicly oust Al Gore from his seat as Prophet o’ Doom du jour makes me want to scream, cry, and piss myself all at once. Why the hell are we bothering with Gore when we can have, for example, No Impact Man instead? Someone who actually fucking DID SOMETHING? Someone who at least tried to walk the walk? A human with human problems instead of an impotent Superman.

Accountability. It’s easier to talk the talk, I guess. It’s easier to applaud the charismatic Mr. Gore who denounces the government and industry and agriculture and lets you get by with buying your bullshit carbon offsets. Having NIM as a role model would be owning up to the fact that you might actually have to, you know, do something about it. Might have to turn the heater off for a few hours. Might have to get by on public transportation. Might have to dig your “new” desk out of the dumpster.

But Gore’s branch of the “green movement” can’t handle personal accountability or skepticism. It requires blind faith in mortal deities. I, personally, welcome the skeptics. We need ’em. Skeptics of all sorts, really. Argue with me. Yell at me. Make me question and reason out why I do what I do. Make me refine my arguments or drop false beliefs. If you want to write a guest post debunking something, email me ( If it’s well written and well thought out, I’ll post it, even if it contradicts me. What I will not abide is a bunch of fucking yes-men who dumbly parrot everything someone vomits out of their mouth without question.

That being said, I firmly believe that there is more than one reason for anything. Recycling may not result in a net gain in energy savings, but there are other reasons to recycle. To promote the use of existing materials instead of new, for example. I’m neutral on global warming. The presence or absence of human-induced climate change is not going to cause me to change my path. I do it for other reasons. Habitat loss and fragmentation, rampant consumerism, simple human issues like a lack of honest-to-fuck face-to-face communication.

But if you’re going to talk the talk, you’d better fucking well walk the walk. Fuck the Al Gores and the Sierra Clubs of this so-called “green movement.” Let’s bring in the NIMs and the Mission: Wolfs. The people who shunned the high horse and talk frankly about the fact that we aren’t perfect and that we will fail occasionally…instead of yakking along hoping no one will notice our shortcomings.

In short, fuck you, Mr. Gore, and the private jet you flew in on.


2 Responses to “The hypocrisy of the green movement II”

  1. He lives in a mansion. A MANSION.

  2. mythicanine Says:

    *CLAPS* YesyesyesYES thank you.

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