The Broke Fox’s guide to media on the cheap

Only your friends steal your books.

Spending a lot of money is not a requirement for keeping oneself in books, music, movies, or video games. Just keep one rule in mind: buy nothing new.

The library: I love libraries. Two of my favorite things (books and getting shit for free) rolled into one. Considering I keep less than ten percent of the books I read, there is absolutely no reason to utilize anything else…if the library has the book, that is. Some libraries also have movies (mine does). Not a wide selection, but why bitch when it’s free?

Rentals: Blockbuster, Netflix, Redbox. Movies, TV shows, and games are easy to get, so long as your tastes aren’t terribly obscure. I use Blockbuster because it’s within walking distance and I’ve been cheated by too many vending machines to trust Redbox.

Friends: Seriously. Find a friend with a huge library of whatever you want, and borrow from them. I haven’t met too many people unwilling to lend out a game or a DVD. Just take good care of what you’re borrowing.

Used stores/Goodwill/Swaptree/Paperbackswap/BookMooch/etc.: All these and more have cheap copies of all sorts of things. I’ve picked up paperback novels at thrift shops for as little as $0.25, and CDs for a dollar. Half Price Books is pure gold for all sorts of media, and Swaptree, while occasionally annoying, can be useful as well. Although they’ve pissed me off on more than one occasion (and turned me away from shopping with them), I have to admit that if it exists, it’s probably for sale on Amazon.

The Internet: I generally only utilize this as a last resort. Music I can’t seem to get hard copies of (or if I only want a single song) or movies I don’t really want to shell out money to see (Paranormal Activity).

Just remember to pay it forward…if you’re seriously not going to read it, watch it, listen to it, or play it again, make it available to someone else.


5 Responses to “The Broke Fox’s guide to media on the cheap”

  1. Don’t forget PaperbackSwap and BookMooch!

    • Dargon Says:

      While the garbage often has good stuff, it seldom has good media.

      If I might add, while it is still going “new” and is more expensive than the alternatives you listed above, for things like music, movies, and video games, digital distribution is often cheaper than getting physical copies.

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