We’re fucked

The City went to me in a landslide, and you know why? Because all it wants is decent television, a bit of spare change for booze, and a blowjob every Saturday night.
~The Beast, “Transmetropolitan”

Completely, and utterly, fucking fucked.

Politics isn’t really my arena. I try to pay attention but sooner or later my eyes start to glaze over and I’m reading the same paragraph three or four times without any comprehension.

But this. This scares the ever living fuck out of me. This opens the doors for corporate control of our very lives…not that there wasn’t much they didn’t control already.

Imagine the world the way I see it. Endlessly bombarded by the ads and logos of brands and companies and corporations. There’s one on my TV, a bunch on my bookshelf, some on my bicycle, on my car, when I open the refrigerator, when I eat something, on the clothing of the people on the street, on cups and hats and computer mice and keys and binders and the equipment at work and anytime I try to go to an event (Toyota Center, Target Field, Red Bull Arena). I feel paranoid at times. They’re EVERYWHERE.

And now they’re in a position to buy our politicians. Which in turn, gives them the ability to invade even those last few bastions of sanity left in our lives. And more. Maybe it’s just my paranoia talking, but I’m seeing at best a WALL-E-like world (“B is for BuynLarge, your very best friend…”). At worst…I don’t want to think about that, actually.

I’m not joining the Compact officially yet, but I’m going to get pretty close. I have everything I need, therefore if I can’t find it used I can either wait, or go without. If I can do nothing else, I can at least do that.

Some will no doubt accuse me of going overboard. I hope that I am. Global warming doesn’t scare me, but this does. This very much does. Our lives can not, and should not, be bought, sold, or branded. It’s bad enough that we sell our time for money which in turn buys us bullshit we don’t need or really even want. We don’t need more corporate power, we need less. MUCH LESS.

Take back your lives. Pay off your debts, quit buying so much. Once you’ve done that, quit working so much. Learn to enjoy things that are free. Walks, library books, helping a friend cook dinner, watching your cats body slam each other into walls.

Maybe I won’t be buying an RV after all. Maybe I’ll move to Switzerland, instead.


3 Responses to “We’re fucked”

  1. Dargon Says:

    I am rather caught up on politics, as I’m one of those nutters who actually reads the text of bills. Admittedly some find my views to be a bit “tin foil hat,” but I stand by what I say.

    The more thought I have given this, the less concerned I am. People have been saying politicians can now be bought and sold. News flash: They have been bought and sold for years. That’s what lobbyists do, they buy politicians. By the time a politician gets into a position where they can so much as run for a national position, they are already fully paid for.

    All this has done is taken politicians off the black market and put them on the auction block.

  2. Dargon Says:

    Apologies for the double post, but I feel this is relevant. If you haven’t already done so, might I recommend you read Confessions of an Economic Hitman. You’ll see that this step is much more minor than it seems.

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