On being “one with nature”

Whatever his accomplishments, his sophistication, his artistic pretention, man owes his very existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.
~”The Cocklebur”

I could simply say “We already are, always have been, and always will be, one with nature,” and leave it at that, but even I prefer to be a tad bit wordier.

No matter how long you remain locked inside a climate controlled jungle of concrete and steel, there is no getting around the fact that we are and cannot ever not be, “one with nature.” We are surrounded by, at the very least, thousands of micro-organisms doing their little things. Wild things. “Natural” things. You can’t see them, and many wish they weren’t ever there, but they are.

Likewise, you have to breathe air at some point, and eat food, and eliminate, and take in water no matter what form you get it from. All these things are “natural” things. That’s part of being on the bandwagon called “life.” To stop is to die, and then you’re really one with nature.

It’s all so familiar and mundane that it’s boring.

People naturally want something more exotic or thrilling when they think of being “one with nature.” Something, I suppose, that manifests itself as some special feeling of wholeness or interconnectedness. So they seek out their plastic shamans and their lifestyle gurus and try to find someplace that’s wild but not too wild, we don’t want to hit the decomp stage just yet, and then expect some sort of My Little Pony magical bullshit.

Or they go watch James Cameron’s “Avatar,” paint themselves blue and hang toilet paper from trees or something.

“But we need a reminder!” Well, leave a piece of fruit out for a couple days and nature will come visit you, lifestyle guru not necessary. You can’t get away from “nature” as you breathe it in and shit it out. It surrounds us all. Meditate on that for a while and tell me we’re not “one with nature.”


One Response to “On being “one with nature””

  1. Yeah, it’s like the people who claim to only be connected to one of the four classic elements. Um, you’re made of lots of Earthy minerals and other solids, composed of a hell of a lot of water, integrate air molecules to live, and your cells are constantly on fire with metabolism. WTF?

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