The one thing Fox will never get rid of

The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.
~Eric Schmidt

So there are a couple things, actually, that I would never get rid of. But the others are all irreplaceable. The dog toy I’ve had since forever isn’t really one of those things you can go pick up at the store. But there is one thing I own that I would replace. One single thing that I count as quite possibly the most useful thing I own.

My computer. Also, the internet connection. But that’s easy once the computer has been obtained.

Yes, I loves my computer. I could live without any other electric device except for the fridge. Cell phone? Don’t need it. Gaming consoles? Fun, but don’t need them. Stove? Gas, please. Alarm clock? Fuck alarm clocks. Light? Go to bed when it gets dark. Hot water? Only in the winter. TV? That doesn’t even deserve an answer. MP3 player? Fun, but if necessary I could condition myself to ditch it.

So why do I love my computer so much when I can do without everything else? Easy…the computer makes my life infinitely simpler and more convenient. It’s a composite device, yes, but one that brings together a number of non-essential entertainment options. And it can be built and repaired rather easily if you have wicked awesome friends like mine. Or if you happen to be a wicked awesome person like my friends are.

My favorite video games are all playable on the computer. In fact, I prefer computer games to console games. If I really wanted to (and I’ve considered it) I could ditch the consoles and just stick with the computer games. There are a few games out there that are console-only that I want to play, but I’m not going to get to play them for at least a year, anyway. Likewise, I can play DVDs and CDs on the computer. In fact, one of the first items I purged was the stand-alone CD player and one of my bigger purges was the TV. Fuck both of those devices, I have a computer that can do both.

The computer (and the internet) also rids me of the need for phone books, most cookbooks, scratch paper, stamps, and snail mail. I can easily find out hours, movie times, what books the library has and where, which episodes Ace Rimmer shows up in, what the Bird is doing tonight for dinner, prices for just about everything, movie reviews, and not to mention I can download music, games, and movies, both legitimately and not.

In short, the computer cuts down on a lot of bullshit I’d “need” to own without it. It’s a device that serves both for entertainment and for research…of whatever flavor is required. Personally, I find it a tool beyond compare.


5 Responses to “The one thing Fox will never get rid of”


    And now you really -can- get rid of your oven! I wonder if you could build in an auto-eject… :o

  2. I’ve actually been feeling slightly guilty lately about how attached I am to my computer. There was a time when I didn’t feel I ‘needed’ one. I’m sure I could do without again. But I LIKE having a computer a lot–for many of the reasons you mention. I’m done with TV’s and MP3 players too by the way. . .but love the computer. What can I say?

  3. Dargon Says:

    Considering the computer combines quite a few tools, some needs, some wants (I consider phone and email needs, as they are the dominant means of communication), I wouldn’t rid myself of it either. Too useful.

  4. Actually, you know, the more I think about it, the more I think I’d be fine without a computer. Sure I use it a lot, but you know I really hate these things. As long as I have my knife and cell phone, I’m pretty much golden. That being said, I -do- like the convenience of my netbook.

    Also, I’m not sure if I’m ever going to go back to a desktop. Portability is so convenient.

    • I’ve considered moving to a lappy, but it’s so much harder to upgrade a lappy than a desktop. And where am I going to take a lappy? Work? If I need internet on the go, I can use the DS. Everything else can wait until I get home.

      I could live without a computer, yes, but I would not be a happy Fox. Then again, the internet is my primary means of communication…my cell phone is merely a convenience and a way for the parental units to yell at me when I don’t talk to them for two months straight. Hence the pay-as-you-go plan…there’s been a couple of months of single-digit usage minutes.

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