Book Review – Food Rules

Don’t eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk.

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan

Oh, Michael Pollan. I really do like your books.

It’s a fucking pity you keep trying to sell us “In Defense of Food” over and over again. It was a really good book. I loved it. But for the love of fuck, don’t repackage the Spark Notes edition and try to fucking sell it to us as something new.

And that’s all that “Food Rules” is…the Spark Notes version of “Defense.” If I went back and checked, probably 75-90% of this very slim “book” would be direct copy/pastes from “Defense.” Not worth the eleven dollar price tag, I assure you. I’d call it an Abridged Series, but the joke would fall flat as the book’s not even funny.

If you really want to read it, go sit down in a chair at the Barnes and Noble and read it there. I finished it in less than half an hour and while I’m a notoriously fast reader, I’m not that fast.

And speaking of Abridged, if I don’t stop now, this post will be longer than the book I’m reviewing.

One Response to “Book Review – Food Rules”

  1. So:
    1) I realize this is a stupidly late reply to this post. Oops.
    2) Food Rules was the first MP book I picked up, and while I agree that it’s basically a “Please Give Me Money” recap of earlier material, I also think it has some good potential usefulness – as a gift.
    Seriously, give it to the fatties in your life. I don’t mean all people who are overweight; I mean people who are fucking pig-out-on-cinnabon-wrapped-in-bacon-stuffed-twinkies-dipped-in-mountain-dew-for-breakfast-while-debating-what-to-snack-on-all-day fatties. It’s short enough that they might be able to get something out of it between bites of their Big Mick (from McDougal’s, you know), and easier to absorb than sucralose. It could save their life.

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