Tiny kitchen tour

Be grateful for what you have.
~found on the bottom of a Sweet Leaf Tea cap

Fox's tiny kitchen

This is my kitchen. For some scale, that’s a cat peeking out from behind the bar. (She’s not one of mine, I’m catsitting.) The refrigerator is hiding behind the wall to the right. The top three cabinets are my roommate’s along with the tiny section of countertop in-between the sink and the fridge. The pan and the kettle are also hers. The three cabinets and drawer on the bottom are mine. The sink is split…the left side is mine, the right side is hers.

I cook about 75% of my food here. My roommate probably cooks a similar amount. We don’t have a dishwasher or a pantry and that’s a 3/4 stove. Only two of the burners work. Believe me, we make this kitchen work hard. Generally it’s a time-share kind of deal. We both cook in batches, so it’s rare that we both need the kitchen at the same time. It works out well, since it is physically impossible for two people to work in this kitchen.

Here’s my fridge. The microwave sits on top, along with the Captain Morgan Silver, the cat food, the blender, the bread, and the dish towel. As you can probably guess, there’s just not any space for the microwave to go elsewhere. The Sunfish Magnet of Awesome is holding coupons and anything pending (my cat’s vaccination reminder at present), and the praying mantis magnet is holding up a tribute to the greatest comedian ever. That thing in the middle of the floor is a cat toy.

This is the storage space under the bar. Top two shelves are mine, bottom shelf is my roommate’s. At the top left, you can see my pot stacked in the colander stacked in the frying pan. The chips and any other plastic objects have to be kept out of the cabinets because my cat Zoe (the blurry cat-shaped thing in the very top left corner) eats them. Not pictured is the big green container, which sits in the Pyrex dish in the middle of the second shelf. Right now it’s got egg salad in it. On the near side of the trash can on the floor is the kitty filling station, which isn’t visible. It’s literally a ceramic bowl for food and a stainless steel container for water.

My pantry, which some people would call a cabinet. On top is the container holding the pasta, the olive oil (behind that are some of my food storage containers), the Pam in front of some canned tomatoes, and soy sauce in front of the flour in front of the baking cocoa in front of the red wine vinegar. These cabinets are deep…the stuff only goes about halfway back. On the bottom is my “spice rack,” along with my tea bags, lunch containers, and salt. I only have three lunch containers in total. I take my lunches five days a week. I’d much rather wash a few dishes a couple times a week than own more containers and do a lot of dishes Sunday night.

And that’s it. A very tiny kitchen.


8 Responses to “Tiny kitchen tour”

  1. Dargon Says:

    Just a thought, a storage trick I picked up from my mother (though she uses this for the opposite reason; she probably has more kitchen appliances and utensils than I have possessions. Store some of your cooking utensils (especially the baking goods) in the oven. Gotta put them somewhere when baking, but the rest of the time they are out of the way completely.

    • Wow, that’s a neat idea. Only worry is that I or the drewmmate might end up baking the utensils preheating for something else. Though, I guess if you only put things that can be baked in the oven, that wouldn’t be an issue.

  2. maloyo Says:

    Think vertical. Places like Target and Bed Bath Beyond have storage options that can hang on the wall, and attach easily. Target is the cheaper of the two, of course. Actually, a simple over the door hanging vinyl shoe holder could be attached to the wall and hold utensils, small containers, and well, a lot of the items camping there by the sink. Take a look in both the closet and kitchen storage areas of Target for something workable and fairly priced. If nothing else, just looking around can give you ideas, some of which might cost nothing.

    You are definitely getting max mileage out of your space!

    • The stuff that’s just camping out is my roommate’s…and she’s not terribly keen on organizing or keeping things neat like I am. Luckily for the two of us, she keeps her things in her room and her kitchen things pretty much just there, so for the sake of peace I let her have it.

      One day I will live on my own again and it will be GLORIOUS. And expensive. But glorious.

  3. Mitch was the best.

    • He was amazing. Unfortunately, that little bit on the fridge was how I found out about him…a note about his death and some of his more famous one-liners one of his fans had included in the school newspaper. I loved it so much when I saw it that I clipped it out and put it up there, and it’s been there ever since. That’s how I was introduced to him, which is the most depressing way to be introduced to an amazing person.

  4. Love the use of the Grannyism at the beginning of your post. Granny and the rest of the gang dig your tiny kitchen!

    -April Riggs
    Consumer Services Manager
    Sweet Leaf Tea Co.

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