Bits ‘n pieces

Small events and choices determine the direction of our lives just as small helms determine the directions of great ships.
~ M. Russell Ballard

If I don’t want to spend a dollar washing something…like the rug, or the bedsheets, a handmade quilt, whatever, I wash it in the bathtub. Same concept, no dollar involved, and just takes a bit of elbow grease.


I just realized how often I use my tupperware containers. They are almost constantly in use. I own two small round ones, one square one that’s perfect for sandwiches, and a big round green thing I keep the batches of food I make in. They’re hardly ever without something in them. Only rarely do I wish I had another one or two, and even then the thought passes quickly. I literally use them at least several times a week, and often every single day. Sure, they’re plastic, but they’ll last forever and god damn are they absolutely worth it.


I finally figured out what to do with those over-sized plastic bags you get when you buy too many clothes or a very large item. You use them in the trash can in place of the regular ten-gallon bags. They don’t always fit, but a little caution when popping something in the trash can and voila! you don’t have to buy trash bags until you run out of them. I’ve always used the smaller grocery bags in the bathroom trash can, but somehow never applied the concept to the kitchen trash. I throw away so little now that it’s literally been months since I’ve run out of regular trash bags. I’ve now run out of these large bags, but that’s okay since I have a smaller trash can now.


I have two water bottles. Both of them are old Sweet Leaf tea bottles. One is glass, the other plastic since glass+bicycle=bad idea. I suppose I should throw the glass one in the recycling and just go with the plastic. Again, an item I use every day. And I didn’t pay a penny for it since I was going to drink the tea anyway. Screw you, Nalgene. PETE plastic is almost as tough to kill and is easier/cheaper to replace.


It makes me happy to see that No Impact Man is advocating people getting his book from the library or loaning it to friends.


Something that doesn’t make me happy is one of Swagbucks’ latest polls.

“What Do You Think About Reusable Shopping Bags?

  • Make them mandatory and the world a little greener.
  • I have good intentions, but usually leave them in the car.
  • I can’t be bothered. Plastic/paper bags are convenient.”

None of these answers describes me. I take my tote bags, but there’s no way in hell I’d make them mandatory.


Something I’ve discovered. Eating out is only fun when I have friends to eat with. Otherwise I really have no desire to eat anywhere in particular.

5 Responses to “Bits ‘n pieces”

  1. Also, plastic bags make great packing material when sending fragile stuff in the mail.

  2. I’ve decided to only bother eating out if I 1) have no other choice for nourishment and I’m holyfuckhungry or 2) friends are going out to eat and I want to join. I used to do it a lot, mostly because I’m a big fan of variety, but even $5-$10 a day for food really starts to add up. Also, while I may really enjoy the food I would go out and eat, this is a very transitory thing.

    I still occasionally break my rule if there’s something I’d rather like to try. I had Ethiopian food for the first time in Austin a few weeks ago. It was tasty and interesting, but was not priced like I expect it is in Ethiopia.

  3. Why not make reusable shopping bags mandatory? Lots of other things are regulated.

    I guess if they get reused as garbage bags its not so bad. But otherwise why make single use plastics that aren’t recycled?

    See here for lots of no plastic info:

    • Because that’s taking away choice.

      Better to just make the plastic option so undesirable that it just fades away. Maybe make it out of the same stuff the new Sun Chips bags are made of. It composts, and it’s obnoxious to listen to for more than a few seconds. :D

  4. Hey!

    We love that you have found new lives for your old Sweet Leaf Tea bottles. Keep in mind that the PET bottles will break down and could get a little funkier as time wears on. The glass will keep on keeping on, but you’re right about causing mayhem while on a bike!

    Keep it real and keep the tips coming!

    April Riggs
    Consumer Services Manager
    Sweet Leaf Tea Co.

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