Is the “green” choice always the right choice?

Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.
~Garrison Keillor

Yes, hands down, not having children is much “greener” than having children. But is that really the question? Would someone ever seriously say “well, I’d like to have children, but I won’t because it’s not green.”

If you want kids, have the damn kids.

There are some things that just aren’t worth sacrificing. Having kids shouldn’t be about being “green” or not being “green.” You should instead merely ask yourself “Do I actually want to have kids or not? Am I suited to child-rearing and am I currently living a life that is conducive to it?” These are are far more important that the carbon footprint of your little ankle-biter.

Now Grist is doing it with dogs. Instead of deciding which dog fits you, your personality, and your lifestyle best, they’re discussing the amount of meat the average German Shepherd eats.

I’m all for making compromises and changes to live a more environmentally conscious life, but you can go too far. I don’t like small dogs. I don’t want to own one. This particular aspect of my life is not up for discussion, thank you very much.

All this micromanaging seems to leave out the important questions. Like why the hell are we worrying about this shit? I’d rather people be encouraged to live smaller, more minimal, and more local. Fuck what kind of dog or how many kids they have, it’s not that important. Worrying about the carbon footprint of your pet or child should get you thrown in the damn loony bin. Sure, there are “green” choices to be made. Cloth diapers or disposable? Clay litter or corn litter? But the question of to have or not have a pet or kid should not be a question of “greenness.” Pets and kids are not cars or clothing or bottles of water. They are living, breathing creatures that have physical, mental, and emotional needs. They’re not fads, goddammit.


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