The Best of the Ouroboros, Year One

I had a job interview with an insurance company, and the lady said, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I said, “Celebrating the fifth year anniversary of you asking me that question.”
~Mitch Hedberg

As of today, September 8, 2010, the Ouroboros is now one year old. According to WordPress, I have over 170 posts…There should, ideally, be 156, but there are weeks where only two posts were made, or weeks where I had a link post or video in addition to the standard three posts. But I digress. Here’s the best of the first year of the Tiny Ouroboros:

Top Three Posts by Pageviews:
Tiny house showdown – Tarleton vs RV

This one came in first, and was kind of a surprise, unless you realize that this particular post gets hit all the time by people googling “Tarleton” or “Tumbleweed Tiny House.” Since then, I’ve decided that if I’m going to be completely nomadic, the RV is probably going to be easier. I love Tumbleweeds, I just don’t think they’re made for 24/7 travel. And it would be easier to have someone service an RV.

Designer dogs and other pet related rants

This one, like several of my more popular posts, got passed around LJ a little. This is one of those post I wrote in about five minutes and didn’t even really comprehend what I was writing until the red haze disappeared from my view. I get that way sometimes.

Greenwashing 101: Common bullshit terms

This one ended up on LJ, too. One day there will be a follow-up, but it’s been difficult for me to figure out how to do a 201 post and actually do something other than a case study.

Fox’s Favorites: (In no particular order.)

The hypocrisy of the green movement

Although not as popular as others, I still consider this to be a “classic” post.

Simple living, environmentalism, and class

This is a topic that doesn’t get discussed as often as it should be in the simple/minimal/frugal living movements. Possibly because a lot of people in said movements are either ignorant of their privilege or don’t want to face up to it.

Why I could never go vegetarian and other discussions about food

This one discusses a little bit about my worldview pertaining to food in general and meat in particular. No matter how atheist I may get at times, I still retain an animistic/pantheistic bent.

On freedom and On needs

These two are favorites of mine since they deal with things that even I occasionally have to remind myself of. We get so caught up in our little worlds that we forget that life really is quite simple.

“Future Friendly” – washing green or greenwashing?

This one gets hit up by googlers looking for “Future Friendly greenwashing.” I found it particularly amusing to pick at Proctor & Gamble’s website.

How to Walk Everywhere: a free ebook

My (so far) first try at writing something that resembles a book. It originally started out as a post, but became entirely too long and unwieldy. I had a lot of fun doing “research.”


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  1. This was worth my two hours. :D

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