A tiny apartment Fox wouldn’t want to live in

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
~Hans Hofmann

While I have to commend Steve Sauer for his use of space, I’m afraid to say I’d have to redecorate his home before I’d live in it. I like the muti-level effect, and the coziness of that TV space he has, but the entire apartment just looks too busy for me to feel relaxed in.

One of the things people in small homes are constantly trying to do is create the feel of space. Using light colors, natural light, etc, etc. Sauer’s home is a small home that feels very small and very cramped. Part of it is the immense amount of stuff he has here and there. Vases, a backpack, The two horizontal bands running along the walls. It makes the room seem complicated and smaller.

And while he hates wasted spaces, I would say that the TV lounge and “cafe area” are wasted space to me. I wouldn’t use either, personally. I read a lot, but I would be reading in the TV lounge and the cafe area would go completely unused. I would clear both out to give the apartment more of an open feel. Alternatively, I’d bring in some storage space for my camping equipment.

There don’t seem to be photos of the bedrooms, but from what I can tell, I dig them. My current bedroom is much too large…I just need space for the bed and room for my clothes.

The kitchen looks amazing, as well, (again, save for the cluttered look). I love tiny kitchen appliances. If it weren’t for my roommate, my fridge would be very empty and my freezer even more so. I don’t do weekly shopping trips, and generally cook a meal within twenty-four hours of obtaining the necessary ingredients. The freezer merely stores meat. I’m very into obscenely tiny kitchens.

I think is bathroom is bigger than mine, actually. It’s certainly nicer. I’d have to chuck the tub, though. I’m not taking a bath in the middle of my apartment. For two, the cats would fall in and I’d have to fish them back out again.

Really, all I think this points to is the need for a tiny space to be very precise and very personal. You don’t have the luxury of room to make do. Each and every space has to be just right, or it doesn’t work. What works for Sauer doesn’t work for me, and what works for me won’t necessarily work for some other tiny living enthusiast. You can’t crank out a bunch of ultra-small dwellings and expect that there won’t have to be alterations made for each person. Look at the myriad of different ways people handle one-room efficiencies. Some people make the closet into a bedroom, others push the bed against the wall and hide it with furniture or curtains. Others make the bed serve as a couch as well. Tiny spaces are all very unique.

2 Responses to “A tiny apartment Fox wouldn’t want to live in”

  1. Dargon Says:

    I had much the same thought upon looking at it. It feels very cluttered. Too much stuff. I also am much the same with regards to the TV lounge and cafe room. Now I might actually use a cafe room (albeit with a bigger table (maybe a folding one)) for gaming and the like, though with the minimal space I’d just as likely scrap it and find space elsewhere inside or outside the house. The TV lounge, I’d have an all-purpose TV/computer/general relaxation and hanging out area, so no need for the extra workspace. As for the bathroom, a toilet and a stand-in shower is all I need. So I can go really small.

    In the end, much as you said, with tiny areas like that, how they come together is very much a personal thing. My ideal tiny living space is different from yours and different from Mr. Sauer’s.

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