How Fox stays warm

Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.

My lovely warm weather disappeared on Thanksgiving. And now it’s cold. Well, most people would call it “chilly,” but in Texas it’s cold. And while I’m a notorious lover of heat, I do manage to get by somehow with a minimum of heater use. The apartment complex I used to live in once advised us to keep our heaters set to sixty-eight degrees, at least, for some reason or other. Mine’s set to sixty during the day. Granted, when the heater kicks on it’ll raise the temperature up to a good five degrees over what it’s set to before kicking back off.

I prefer it to be colder when I sleep, so the heater is set lower at night…often very low. My bedroom is also the coldest area of the apartment, and I often close the door to keep the rest of the apartment warmer with less heater use. At night I sleep under a number of layers…when winter finally rears its ugly head, I strip the comforter off my bed and remake it completely. My fitted sheet is cotton, so no problem there, that’s followed by the flat sheet, which, like the quilts, goes into the closet in the summer. After that the small quilt, then the giant quilt, then the comforter. The quilts go under the comforter now since last year they were full of cat hair and hand-washing very large handmade quilts is a pain. I stay quite cozy under all that, especially since the cats often snuggle up, too. Right now the giant comforter is still in the closet…I’m staying plenty warm with just the flat, the small quilt, and the comforter. And a cat. I often find the layers technique gives me a better and more reliable warmth than the on-off-on-off-hot-cold-hot-cold of the heater, even if it means an early morning pajama-clad dash to the heater to help me get out of bed in the morning.

The rest of the apartment tends to stay quite a bit warmer than the outside, just by default. No doubt two people, two cats, and the fridge have something to do with it. In such a small space, little things like that make a big difference. I also tend to wear socks and/or a jacket inside when it’s cold. If I get terribly chilled, I just go outside, take a walk, and come back to an apartment that suddenly feels very warm indeed. Or I boil water on the stove for tea, which also does a lot to heat up a small space.

I find keeping one’s abode at a “perfect” temperature year-round to be a bit excessive. Summer is hot and winter is cold. You can’t stay inside forever, despite some people’s best efforts, and thus you’re probably better off just acclimating as much as possible rather than trying to “beat the heat.” You can always take a trip to the local coffee shop and bask in their climate control for free. Or for the price of a cup of coffee or tea.


One Response to “How Fox stays warm”

  1. I typically don’t even turn my heater on for the year until about halfway through the cold season. Just doesn’t even really occur to me.

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