DRM’s biggest problem

DRM, in almost all implementations, is flawed technology that punishes legitimate consumers for the sins and imagined sins of a few. And even if it only punishes a few people at a time (a couple of folks in Virginia recording the John Adams miniseries, a few hundred thousand people who occasionally get “not authorized to play this song on this computer” errors from iTunes, the mysterious erasing of 2,000 songs from my Zune last time I synced it, presumably because I store them on a home MP3 server and not locally), the aggregate result is millions of angry users who dislike and resent the entertainment industry, and who become less and less likely to join the fight against piracy and more and more likely to empathize with the wrong side.

A-goddamn-men, Molly Wood.

I highly suggest all of you to take a gander at her (sadly, now dead) blog Culture of Ownership.


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