What’s green, slick, and goes downhill?

When government accepts responsibility for people, then people no longer take responsibility for themselves.
~George Pataki

“Until we have a law to prosecute those who destroy the planet, corporations will never be called to account for their crimes.”

Usage of reductio ad Hitlerum aside, I disagree. As you probably guessed I would, considering most of this blog is my disagreeing, although I don’t think I’ve yet resorted to Hitler. But I digress.

I’m guilty of ecocide by Miss Higgins’ account, although I’m not a corporation. I buy products from, and therefore support, the very entities she seeks to take to trial.

Really, are any of us in the “developed” world, barring that one guy who lives in a cave, innocent of ecocide? We’re all at least guilty by association. So once you go to draw the line, where does it end? Yell if I’m going all slippery slope on you guys, but really. It’s not a hard jump from power plants to manufacturing to people who drive cars, and I’ve been guilty of that eco-sin for a decade now. Where does it end, Miss Higgins?

It’s not so much a question of “prove global warming” as it is a question of “who’s guilty?” Who should we punish for these transgressions? The corporations only do it because we empowered them and allow them to do so. Not to mention the governments who do things like, you know, ignore their own legislation. Punishing the corporations will do nothing, since the root of the problem lies within us and our society.

I believe, perhaps, that miss Higgins’ efforts might be put to better use elsewhere.


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