Can we minimize minimalism?

The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing. Journalism, conscious of this, and having tradesman-like habits, supplies their demands.
~Oscar Wilde

Really, this is getting a bit out of hand, I think. I’m all for culling one’s possessions down to only what one actually needs. But it is addictive. I started culling and eventually I wanted to cull more and more and more and see how little I could live with. Thankfully, I kept my head before I rid myself of anything I would regret later. Like my refrigerator.

I hate to say it, but this seems a bit extreme. I know it’s a personal thing, and that Tammy can probably live quite fine without it, but RowdyKittens is one of THE minimalist/simple living blogs on the net, and I think it’s going to cause a few heads to turn as normal people go “Wait…WHAT?” I’m sure everyone can agree that there are things they need to get rid of, but the fridge is something that I think the majority of people in “developed” countries need to stick with. I think it’s pretty poor form for a (let’s face it) fledgling movement to get this extreme. It’s like No Impact Man…everyone focused on his lack of toilet paper. Go too extreme and the media will lose focus of what you’re actually trying to accomplish in favor of some dumb detail that’ll shock readers.

For me it’s just impractical. In Texas, your cooler with an ice pack (that’s got to be frozen by someone) isn’t going to last you very long. Not sustainable. And in the eastern potion of Texas, your evaporative coolers are even less useful than your ice pack. I’d have to give up on anything that requires refrigeration. And my leftovers. That would kill me. I need refrigeration for my batch cooked meals. And my deer sausage. Sorry, going refrigerator-free isn’t going to cut the mustard with me.

But sure, if Tammy can pull it off, more power to her. And naturally, her blog’s going to be mostly about her and her own choices. But I still think that the focus is going to get fuzzy with this. It’s going to become a game of “What is Tammy going to minimize out of her life next?” I say stove. Totally stove. She’s going to go raw. That’s my prediction for 2011. And thus beings the downhill slide to minimalism becoming seen even more as a band of counter-culture neo-hippie marginalist freaks instead of a bunch of people following a practice that can be embraced by any one in any situation in any way they please. But that’s the media for you. They like to do shit like that.

Any one else have any 2011 predictions? What will Tammy get rid of next?


2 Responses to “Can we minimize minimalism?”

  1. When I first became a minimalist, my husband woke up one morning and said “I dreamed that you got rid of the microwave. Please don’t get rid of the microwave.”

    I thought that it was *adorable*.

    But yeah–I’m all for getting rid of the chaff and the stuff that holds us down, but I think that different people design their lives in different ways–the twenty-something minimalists who who essentially just their laptops and their bikes are a far cry away from my married-and-teaching lifestyle–I need my fridge.

  2. Underpants. Totally the underpants.

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