Why Fox isn’t part of the Compact

Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.
~Henry David Thoreau

I have to admit, I am a big fan of the Compact. Buy nothing new? I’m on board. But not really. I’m not part of the Compact and I’ve never been part of the Compact, although it’s one of those things where you merely have to say you are and you are. Quite a few people would lump me in with them.

But I do buy a few new things. Mostly items like computer parts, where I tend toward higher-end stuff that’s not easily available used. However, I expect that the parts I buy new will last me until they become obsolete. I also do get a few used parts from friends…I’m currently “borrowing” a power supply until I get a new one along with everything else I’ll have to get in order to get a better video card. Those components I do replace will go to a local guy who uses them to make computers for people who can’t afford them. Except the power supply, which will go back to its owner.

I also get some new clothes…my mother got me new socks since mine are dying a slow and holey death, and I did buy a brand-new pair of camo pants since the ones I bought, oh, almost ten years ago finally kicked the bucket.

See a trend? I do buy some new things, but the new things I buy I will use until I wear them out. Just about everything else is used. Everything in moderation, after all. Including Minecraft moderation.

That’s not to say that people who buy only or primarily used buy less. I’ve met people who bought crap they didn’t need at the thrift shop, too. Consumerism is consumerism, no matter where you shop.

There’s a difference between buying a pair of pants because I know I will wear the fuck out of them and buying a pair of pants and trying to justify the purchase to myself or to others. I’ve seen people who won’t shop at Goodwill or put a restraint on their purchasing for a hundred different reasons…none of them good. They want me to nod my head and pat them on the back and say “It’s okay, you can buy your clothes at Old Navy.” My response is usually “Okay, whatever, I don’t care.” Because I don’t. You have to live with yourself and it’s not me you’re trying to convince with the bedbug argument, anyway. I have to admit, though, some of the stuff you find in a Goodwill is pretty scary.

Then again, I’m part of a far more persuasive and less flexible Compact called I’m Fucking Broke and Can’t Afford to Buy Shit. Which is good in a way, because shit is free.


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