Apparently minimalism is dead

As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was made to be sold, marketed, used, and ultimately discarded.
~Tom Ford

I will admit, minimalist blogging is pretty god damn dead. There’s only so much to say on the topic, and it’s pretty much been said. I’ve said it, others have said it, it’s been beat to death. Even Leo Babauta is having to stretch to find topics.

But not only is minimalist blogging dead, apparently so is minimalism itself. Or rather, it’s not dead, it’s just not cool anymore. So says Everett Bogue, who apparently “has made a career out of alienating [his] audience.” Hmmm.

In an era where other people are discussing “So we’re minimalist: now what?” or giving up their refrigerators in a sad attempt to hang on to their audience, Everett has just come right out and said it: “Minimalism was cool for awhile. Now, it’s simply the echo of a revolution that once was.” Also: “Once an idea reaches mainstream acceptance, the idea isn’t pushing an edge anymore.”

So, in other words, minimalism isn’t edgy anymore and when it’s being practiced by people other than mid-twenties hipsters, it’s not cool to be minimalist. So now he’s decided to say “Fuck Minimalism,” although that doesn’t strike me as the point of his little post. It’s more of one of those “Let’s move beyond minimalism because we can no longer talk about it and it’s not cool anymore, anyway” posts with a catchier title. I’d also like to point out that minimalism is hardly “mainstream.” In blogging circles, maybe, but I live in a world outside of blogging circles and most people I know are very not minimalist.

Of course, all this is from a man who is well-known for stating things in absolutes. I do recall his comment at one point that all bloggers should have their photo on their blog. I remember thinking “Well, fuck you, too,” at the time. Basically, he’s the drama queen of minimalism (on the other hand, Tyler Oakley is funny and awesome.) Live like Everett does, or be relegated to the scum he pulls off the bottom of his shoe. The problem is not everyone wants to live a location-independent car-free digitally obsessed minimalist blogger lifestyle.

But now I’m just getting mean. But I can’t help but wonder why the hell these people are posting a eulogy to him like he’s dead? He’s not dead, he’s a drama queen throwing a temper tantrum like a two year-old. Of course, his new torch-bearers seem unsure of what to do with their new prize. Yay! You won minimalism! Now what?

Personally, I’m content just being minimalist. Possibly because my entire blog isn’t reliant on the topic (although minimalism, or at least owning and buying less shit, is a pretty big part of my environmental philosophy), I don’t feel the need to beat the dead horse. Or maybe it’s just a lesson I’ve learned that others haven’t: just because the new has worn off doesn’t mean that’s it’s over. It just becomes a part of who you are…still there, certainly, but nothing you need to actively discuss. Like your haircut. The hair is cut, you talk about it for a little while, and then after that it only comes up when it’s necessary. To continue to chatter about your hair is just unnecessary. It’s cut, dude, we know. Chill out.

In other snarky blogging news, though, Karol Gadja has discovered you don’t actually have to have photos on your blog posts. Okay, now I feel like an asshole, since Karol Gadja actually seems like a nice guy and I did enjoy the post (I occasionally get pissed off when I can’t find the right quote). But god damn do I hate the photo trend. In both its “posts need photos” and “photo of self on blog” forms. The photo is meaningless…the text everything.

Okay, okay, snark mode off…or at least quelled until the next refrigerator crack.


One Response to “Apparently minimalism is dead”

  1. Wait, Everett’s not dead? That changes everything!

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