The president should be impeached

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.
~”V for Vendetta”

I understand that what may have happened in Libya would have been an immense tragedy. But that’s no excuse for President Obama to break constitutional law by failing to receive congressional approval before committing our people to a war (the difference between war and “military action” is meaningless semantics). Yes, I know of the War Powers Resolution. That fails to change things as it’s unconstitutional as well. I believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution…one that does not allow our president to unilaterally charge off into yet another conflict. Obama’s move was unconstitutional and therefore he should be impeached. End of story. Yes, previous presidents have done the same thing, but that doesn’t make it right. Just because Joe Bob got away with murder last year doesn’t mean Billy Bob can get away with it now.

Whatever happened to our neutral position in World War II? We went from being uninterested in helping the Europeans fight their battles (until Pearl Harbor, which in my opinion, did justify our entrance into the war) to just jumping feet-first into places we had no business in. I’m no military history buff, to know all the bullshit behind each of our conflicts, but it seems precious few of them involved us getting attacked first. I hesitate to bring up the military-industrial complex, but there you go. And who died and made the U.S. Supreme Policeman of the Universe? The UN could have found some other gullible country to take care of it while Obama followed constitutional law and asked Congress for approval. Which he no doubt would have obtained, see earlier mention of military-industrial complex.

This is another example in a long line of affronts against the Constitution. And apparently my insistence on sticking to that document and criticizing the government when said document is violated makes me anti-American (at least here in conservative-leaning Texas). Fuck that, I’m tired of sitting back and allowing someone else to tell me I’m evil. I don’t need to be a flag-waving, “Support our Troops” stickered, blinkered imbecile in order to be patriotic. Patriotic Americans should uphold and defend the Constitution (gee, where have I heard that before…), not blindly swallow whatever lies the government deems to feed us, which is apparently my mother’s stance on what makes an American.

My mother, for example, is one of those people who believes that flag-burning should be made illegal, as it’s “unpatriotic.” I’m of the opposite opinion…flag burning is free speech and should be protected as such (not only because it can be done in a patriotic manner). Even now, most states have laws against desecrating the national or state flag. Texas law covers both, but all states with such a law are in direct violation of the Texas v. Johnson ruling. Of course, if one goes to the Supreme Court now you likely won’t see Texas v. Johnson upheld.

And while I don’t support the three wars we’re fighting, I do support our troops. However, I feel that supporting our troops means getting them the fuck out of two wars we can’t win and another war we have no business being in. Two wars we have no business being in, as I can’t even remember what we’re in Iraq for other than the whole weapons of mass hysteria bullshit.

I’m going to stop now before I end up burning an American flag on my mother’s back porch.


3 Responses to “The president should be impeached”

  1. Dargon Says:

    Sadly, if we’re going strict interpretation of the Constitution (which I, too, am in favor of), pretty much every president dating back to at least Vietnam needed impeachment.

    A bit of a related aside, it annoys me how we need to make budget cuts, but reducing our defense spending is unpatriotic, despite the fact that the US defense spending is nearly the same as the entire rest of the world combined.

    Sadly, patriotism has been reduced to blind obedience to one of the two major parties. Deviation from the dogma of either party renders one Un-American. Considering the difference between the two parties is the grounds by which they gradually shred the Constitution, consider me un-American.

  2. ROGER D SMART Says:

    Our people of this country just doesn’t get it;Our very own President is destroying this country and it will not make it because he is stomping on our Constitution and doing various things behind our back and our people thinks this is fine? This President can’t be trusted and he must be IMPEACHED. If this had been President Clinton or Bush doing the same thing, I would definitely say the same thing so this is not a racial slur, just the thing that we see and I hope you are happy with him, because I am not. He is putting this country in turmoil and doing it purposely.

    • It’s not just the president, it’s all levels of government. Sure, Obama can veto bills, but ultimately, if Congress decides to rape the Constitution, there’s not much the president can do about it. Not that I feel he would…

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