A shocking turn of events for Yahoo Green

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.

I still occasionally troll HuffPo, Grist, and the like. It’s the usual bullshit. “Ten ways to eco this.” “OMG EASTER BUNNIES ARE BEING MURDERED BY MEN WITH GUNS.” “Five ways to green that.” “OMG BIG OIL BUSH ADMINISTRATION HUMMERS KYOTO.”

But today I discovered that, much to my shock, Yahoo Green actually has decent green living articles. I’ll let you recover from your stroke for a moment.

Done? Sweet.

First up, “Five things that aren’t going to save the planet.” There’s still some bullshit in there…I’m still waiting for it to become widely acknowledged that organic foods produce less yield, for example, but at least they’re admitting that buying Granny’s Organic Processed TV Dinners may be worse than cooking a meal from scratch with conventional veggies.

But overall, this is fucking HUGE. Admitting that buying less is better than buying green and driving less better than buying a Prius? I’ll take that, thank you very much.

The next one, “Twenty-five wasteful things you can live without,” isn’t as groundbreaking, but still a nice change from “Top green fashion picks for under $100.” I really like the emphasis on aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and paper towels. These are things I’ve been able to mostly do without.

Finally, “Are electric cars really better for the environment?” Given the fact that they quoted someone from Yahoo News, this one is kind of suspect, but at least they’re asking the question as well as pointing out that there’s more to cars than straight CO2 emissions.

I’m hoping I’m just shocked because I don’t follow conventional sources of green news and opinion terribly often and I usually assume the worst when I do. But even if this is new, hopefully the mantra of “buy less, don’t buy in” will start taking hold.

Way to go, Yahoo. For once.


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