Environmentalism and frugality: what’s the connection?

Without frugality none can be rich, and with it very few would be poor.
~Samuel Johnson

I blog about a wide range of subjects here. Although I first conceived of this blog as a “green living” blog, or at least a means by which to point out the bullshit that is perpetuated by the green movement or in its name, from the start it’s always been a pretty versatile soapbox. And most of it, I think, ties in pretty well. Except possibly frugality. Politics. National security. The DMCA. Minecraft…

Why do I discuss it (other than the fact that it’s my blog and I feel like it)? Because it’s as environmental as simple living and minimalism, in my opinion. Like the other two, it’s not environmentalist in and of itself…you can live simple, minimalist, and frugal and do so for no other reason than such a life suits you and never even think about the environmental benefits. In fact, I live frugal first and foremost because I don’t make very much money. I live simply and minimalist because it makes me happy. The environmental side of it’s just the cherry on top.

And the environmental benefit of these things is pretty much the same damn thing: less is wasted because less is made because less is consumed because less is bought. Frugal people avoid the impulsive point-of-purchase items. They avoid the bullshit sale tactics and just overall buy less crap because they only get what they actually need or want. The greenest gadget out there is the one that doesn’t get manufactured, as I’ve said before.

And in the end that’s what most of my blog boils down to…that old line about going green via non-consumerism. But hey, I don’t see the Sierra Club touting it. Someone’s gotta.

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