Green Bullshit: Recycling corks

Or watch it on Youtube.


2 Responses to “Green Bullshit: Recycling corks”

  1. Dammit Fox, I laughed so hard that I started coughing and almost threw up… Should always wait fifteen minutes before watching Fox rant after eating ice cream.
    This reminds me of the big push to recycle soda can tabs. The fucking tabs. Not the whole can, cause those are too big to carry around you know. Supposedly, again, it was for charity of some sort.
    What kills me is that they’re talking about recycling corks AND NOT THE BOTTLES.
    It’s a pity none of us drink a lot of wine. I kinda wanna build a giant cork sculpture now.
    Maybe a cork cock.
    About two miles outside town.
    That reaches the top of the skybox.

  2. Actually, from what I’ve heard, due to the job a can tab does, it has more aluminum than the rest of the can put together. Granted, I heard this from the guy at work, but he is generally reliable.

    Anyway, I’m placing a ban on giant cocks built close enough to town to be visible when the view is set to far. If I can see your dick while in town, you need to move it somewhere else. I don’t care if it reaches skybox from level six.

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