Fox’s new cleaning plan

Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it.
~Author Unknown

I’m a lazy cleaner. Thus, at times, the pull of chilling out all day in front of the Interwebs gets too strong. I don’t want to clean all the things.

But shit has to be cleaned, and this is especially true in an apartment with three cats. Up until now, I’ve just been sporadically cleaning things when they get dirty enough to piss me off. Thus the carpet gets vacuumed, the ceiling fans cleaned, but the toilet…oh god. I hate cleaning the toilet so I put it off. And off. And off. And off.

That needs to stop.

So I’m adapting FlyLady’s FLY Zones. My apartment is small, I don’t own much, and my roommate keeps her shit mostly contained. I don’t need to clean everything once a month. If you live in a place with other people, or have more stuff or a greater area, you might need to clean more often. But I think I can handle picking out one zone a month and cleaning it. If it needs to be cleaned more often than that, it’ll get cleaned. Vacuuming happens once a week regardless, for example. I have cats. Vacuuming is a must, as is wiping off the kitchen counters. Those things don’t get listed on the zones because they happen when they need to happen. Other things that happen sporadically got listed in case they didn’t happen within a week or so of the Zone cleaning.

So here are my adapted zones:

Zone 1, the Kitchen:
Mop floor.
Wipe down cabinets, walls, and appliances.
Clean out fridge, stove, microwave, and toaster.
Pull everything out of the cabinets, toss anything that needs it, and rearrange as necessary.
Pull as many cat toys out from under the fridge as possible.
Wash cat dishes.

Zone 2, the Bedroom:
Wipe down walls and windowsill.
Clean ceiling fan.
Wash bedding.
Clean window.
Pull stuff out of top dresser drawer, toss, rearrange.
Pull closet, toss, vacuum, rearrange.
Pull bed off of the wall and clean underneath it as much as possible.

Zone 3, the Bathroom:
Mop floor.
Clean sink, tub, and mirorrs.
Clean toilet (ugh).
Wipe down cabinets and walls.
Pull medicine cabinet and undersink area.
Wash rug.

Zone 4, the Living Room:
Wipe down walls and windowsill.
Clean ceiling fan.
Clean window.
Check AC filter.
Detail the futon.
Pull futon out and clean under it.
Open desktop and vacuum the inside.
“Sweep” porch area (I don’t own a broom).

I’m going to set my desktop calendar to remind me to do these things the first weekend of the month. The kitchen’s going to be a bitch at first, but I think things will start to stay much cleaner using this process.

2 Responses to “Fox’s new cleaning plan”

  1. So, does that mean you will have rotated through everything in four months, or that you do all four zones each month?

    • I rotate through everything in four months.

      So far it’s working quite well, although I think I should clean my microwave out more often than that. However, that may be a function of my roommate.

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