Book Review: The Simple Living Guide

Sometimes I can tell that my kids need special “nurture nights.” I pour each one a bubble bath, bring candles into the room, turn the lights low, and then serve them special “finger food” while they sit in the bubbles.

The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the quote above kind of creepy? What’s creepier is that she mentions this several times throughout the book. No joke. I just find the mental picture kind of disturbing, especially the part about feeding the kids “finger food.” Creepy.

Anyway. This is a book by the woman who created the now-defunct Simple Living Newsletter, which I never read because it wasn’t free. Or I don’t remember it being free.

Like so much else out there in print on simple living, this book is pretty damn basic. Covers pretty much the same ground everyone and their blog does…work, possessions, money, travel, housing, holidays, families, etc. Anecdotal stories abound, along with the same old advice about living within your means and doing only what you love. Basic, like I said.

What sets this one apart from the others is that Janet Luhrs has taken the simple liver preoccupation with mindfulness to an extreme, tainting the book with New Age-y sentiments about everything being a “whole-body experience.” That may float Janet’s boat, but it sinks mine. I’m not into simple living as a means to a “whole-body experience” or because I want to be more mindful. I’m into it because it’s fucking practical. I found the book’s feel a major turnoff and skimmed entire sections of the book when it got too prevalent.

I don’t have anything more to say because there really isn’t more to say. It’s a basic simple living book with a New Age-y feel. And so back to Half-Price Books it goes.


One Response to “Book Review: The Simple Living Guide”

  1. Martin Says:

    Well, you know, pragmatism doesn’t ‘sell’ in the mass-market – at least not yet – and ‘new-agey’ apparently still does to a degree, but that’ll change. As you have noted, it seems that most of this stuff has degenerated into ‘puffery’.

    And yeah, the quote is creepy…..

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