The bag ladies strike back

I soon found out you can’t change the world. The best you can do is to learn to live with it.
~Henry Miller

I’m still not a fan of plastic bag bans. I don’t like plastic bags, either, though. But it seems America’s leading producers of plastic bags feel it necessary to sue, bribe, or coerce the bans out of existence.

I should’ve seen this one coming. Obviously they want to stay in business and see bag bans (and even reusable bags) as a threat to their livelihood. (The Spotted Owl Argument.) But I’m not sure I agree with the methods.

Hilex Poly’s gone the route of pushing plastic bag recycling. Obviously, this allows them to put a green touch on their product. I have to say, though, I much prefer the reuse-it route to the recycle-it route. Recycling may not actually be more energy-efficient than producing new bags. Hilex Poly doesn’t touch on this, instead choosing to discuss the financial efficiency of new vs. recycled plastic. Even then, their “source” is their own experience as a recycler.

My favorite part is the fact that their discussion of reusable bags is limited to a link to a study (funded by the pro-plastic American Chemistry Council) and a news clip about bacteria on reusable bags. The study found that there was potentially harmful bacteria present on reusable bags, and that washing them was effective in reducing the presence of bacteria. One could argue that reusable bags aren’t their product and therefore not in their interest, but you’d think that with “[a]ll but a few bags [being] woven polypropylene,” they’d be getting into the business.

Truthfully, as I’ve said before, while I find plastic bags annoying, I don’t think they’re a big enough problem in developed countries to warrant bans…especially as reusable bags are taking off. The idea of having my government tell me how to take my groceries home makes me a little angry. I like taking my meat home in plastic bags…I dislike the idea of those slimy packages of chicken coming into contact with my other foods. On the other hand, well, I don’t want to go back to using nothing but plastic bags, either. It’s taken me years, literally, to get them down to manageable numbers.

But that’s how things go, I guess. Let’s not seek some form of happy medium, let’s just ban them entirely.


One Response to “The bag ladies strike back”

  1. Gotta give legislators something to do. Cause if there’s a perceived problem, LEGISLATE IT AWAY! It /always/ works!
    Just look at alcohol in the 20s :D

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