Best Buy ranks zero in customer satisfaction among foxes

Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.
~Mark Cuban

Best Buy is shit. I don’t mean the shit, I mean shit. Crap. Crud. Waste. Poop. Feces. Every time I go in I become a raving anti-consumerist neo-Luddite within five minutes. No joke. They don’t sell what I want, they don’t sell it cheap, and in the meantime they keep trying to sell me shit I don’t want. And their Geek Squad uses people’s computers to look at softcore porn. I didn’t know Best Buy back in the day when they were a computer store, so I’ve had all of one neutral-to-fair experience there, against a slew of “WHAT THE HELL NO I DON’T WANT A MONSTER CABLE OR A MAC AND WHY DON’T ANY OF THE MICE HAVE CORDS?”

Unfortunately, there’s not much option in a town that lacks a dedicated computer parts store. It’s Best Buy or Office Depot unless I locate a friend willing to give/loan/sell me the part in question. Otherwise it’s driving to Houston for Fry’s or Microcenter, or just going with NewEgg. It’s usually NewEgg, as driving to Houston tacks on quite a bit when you take gas money into consideration.

My cable modem fried. Totally my fault. I knew I needed a power strip for the aquarium, but I never got one, and thus the modem was plugged straight into the wall and not into the surge protector.

I figured I’d give Best Buy a call to get a price on new cable modems just in case. I knew I’d probably go for another refurb from the internet provider, but it doesn’t hurt to just call and ask, right?

Wrong. Apparently the local Best Buy cannot answer their phone. After two minutes of the same fifteen second country and western ditty interspersed with ads for the Geek Squad and the new iTurd 7, my roommate gave me her typical look as I screamed expletives into the phone.

All I wanted was a human being whom I could ask to check on prices for me. Hell, I’d have been happy with “Thank you for calling Best Buy, this is So-and-so, could you hold, please?”

After debating on whether or not to bicycle down there and yell at their manager, I instead called up Office Depot. I needed a larger sample size.

“Thank you for calling Office Depot, how can we get work done today?” (however it went…) I asked if they sold cable modems and was placed on hold to wait for an employee who would know. About what I expected.

I called Fry’s in Houston. I got a machine saying that if I wished to know their hours I could hit one, or directions, hit two, or stay on the line for a rep. I got the rep and she answered my question. (With a computer, no less, which was nice considering how long it would have taken her to find the cable modems, walk over there, price them, and then walk back. Fry’s are not small stores.)

I attempted Microcenter, too, but then my phone decided it wasn’t going to get service out of my apartment anymore and I didn’t feel like standing around in the parking lot looking for it.

I don’t know a single person who likes dealing with computer menus aside from very very basic questions like hours or directions. And while I expect to wait on hold for several minutes calling a corporate line, I’ve never had that “service” from a local store. Certainly not during a time at which NO ONE in town is doing much shopping. The town is dead right now due to a football game. Best Buy is probably quite empty, just like every other place that isn’t a sports bar. So why the shitty service?

So instead I’ll just get a refurb from the provider. I’m not going to even bother with Best Buy. If they can’t be bothered to answer their damn phone, fuck ’em. I don’t want to wait on shipping from NewEgg and I don’t have a good reason to spend the gas money driving to Houston.


2 Responses to “Best Buy ranks zero in customer satisfaction among foxes”

  1. Dargon Says:

    I was an avid Best Buy shopper back when it was a computer store. When I first started building computers, computers took up probably more than half of Best Buy. And not just prebuilts and software, but components as well. Their components section from the mid 90’s was probably just as large as their entire computer section is today. They are shit now. I harken back to two recent computer purchases; A non-upgrade copy of Windows 7 and an internal SATA hard drive. Best Buy didn’t carry the former (but Office Depot did), and Office Depot had a better selection on the latter (read: more than two). Sad thing is Office Depot (and Radio Shack for that matter) is now a better computer store than Best Buy (they’re a TV, gadget, and appliance store now).

    Being in a similar boat with regards to computer stores, I’ve found myself either using NewEgg if I need it very soon, or waiting until I visit my folks in Dallas and hitting up Fry’s while I’m there (Fry’s, by the way, lacks knowledgeable and helpful service in my opinion, but they have a large and reasonably priced selection. They’re great if you have a good idea what you’re looking for, otherwise, you’re only slightly less hosed than at Best Buy).

  2. It’s easy to be crap when you’re the only game in town.
    Target almost competes (it’s where I got my tv/monitor, actually), but not on the same scale, and the customer service is only marginally better. It is better, though.
    Admittedly, I’ve had some decent luck at the Best Buy here, but that was with a single representative that I went to specifically on multiple occasions. Definitely the exception.

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