Killing the Earth to save it

Few love to hear the sins they love to act.
~William Shakespeare

I’m getting tired of this bullshit.

I’ve discussed a lot of these products before: water bottle fountains, chargers that automatically quit drawing power when the device is charged, a 50% recycled plastic carpet shampooer (link goes to Life Less Plastic, since while I mentioned it, it didn’t have a dedicated post).

None of these items are green or environmentally friendly. NONE OF THEM. They’re all a horrible, horrible, horrible waste of resources, and few, if any, of the individual products sold will result in a net reduction in resource waste.

I’m so tired of this I can’t even see straight when I think about it. And what really gets my proverbial goat is that the so-called “green movement” eats this kind of shit up. Especially that retarded fountain, which “costs” more in plastic than it reduces. I mean, just look at the damn thing, consider all the plastic that went into its manufacture, and the fact that it uses quite a bit of electronics to keep tabs on every water bottle filled and to keep you from having to get your hands dirty by PRESSING A FUCKING BUTTON.

Let’s grow up, people. Use your brain and quit acting like my fucking two-year-old niece. You can tie your own shoes, so I assume you can press a damn button on a machine to get it to pour the water for you. Just like you can unplug the charger you got for free with the phone when the damn thing is finished charging. You don’t need a damn device to do it for you, and certainly not one that’s just a big fat waste of plastic.

This is why I can’t stand the green movement anymore. Most of them are just hypocritical idiots who don’t bother to think. Unfortunately, this means I stay sequestered in my happy little world and don’t ever get a chance to point out to these people the stupidity to which they subscribe. At least not in a way that doesn’t involve doing ranting on a blog.


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