It’s not that time of year yet, dammit

The Christmas season has come to mean the period when the public plays Santa Claus to the merchants.
~John Andrew Holmes

The day after Halloween, the grocery store was stocking Christmas stuff in the seasonal aisle.

Walmart was playing Christmas music, selling trees, and had the store decorated this past weekend (the first time I’ve been in a Walmart in…months, at least).


You know, Thanksgiving. The holiday before Christmas that’s like Christmas, only better because there’s no pressure regarding presents (although it’s not better than Beer Christmas, but that’s something else entirely).

Maybe up north it’s different. Maybe you get into Christmas earlier when it’s not still 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Or maybe it’s just the retailers hoping to extend the amount you spend by attempting to prolong the season.

For me it just ruins it. While I abhor Christmas music from years spent working retail, I like the feel of Christmas. The decorations, the snap of cold air that’s still kind of nice because it hasn’t gotten old yet. Christmas is somewhat enjoyable when you’re not working retail, but only in December and only if it’s at least somewhat cold.

But walking into Walmart from the 80 degree Texas fall and hearing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and seeing the sad little Christmas trees wilt just ruins the season. It doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. It’s not fucking Christmas season until at least after Thanksgiving. Waiting until December first is better.

Of course, I’m all for getting the Christmas shopping over and done with early. But I get soured on that, too, if the seasons are out of sync. And speaking of presents…hello, Etsy. Perfect place to do my Christmas shopping. Or some of it, anyway. Discovering that someone has actually made a Zombie Sushi Soap Set just makes my day every time I think of it. Too bad none of my family’s into that sort of thing. And by thing I mean both zombies and sushi. Thankfully they are into soap, although they prefer the slightly annoying body wash (usually unnecessarily antibacterial).

Soon, though. Thanksgiving will be over and I’ll have a ton of leftovers and it’ll get cold and the weather will finally sync with the retailers. And then Christmas will come and go and St. Arnold’s Winter Stout will be here again.


One Response to “It’s not that time of year yet, dammit”

  1. It’s the most /wonderful time/ for a beer…

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