A stitch in time, or there’s no time like the present

There is no daily chore so trivial that it cannot be made important by skipping it two days running.
~Robert Brault

Saturdays are fairly busy for me. I say fairly because some people would no doubt consider them rather lazy.

With a small apartment on a rotational cleaning plan, no kids (only cats), and a healthy dose of living within my means, my life at home is pretty stress-free. Once a month I clean the hell out of something and the rest of it gets done as it needs it.

That last phrase those is the one I want to focus on. Things here get done when they need to get done.

I’ve learned not to put off things that need doing when I notice them. Unless there happens to be a very good reason (right now that reason is a cat on my lap), I do things right away. The aquarium dirty and in need of topping off? Gets done as soon as I finish the task at hand. Dishes need doing? Right-o. Big projects like getting my car’s oil changed or washing something large get done on the next available weekend. I do little during the week aside from dishes and cooking. I like being able to fart around evenings after work. This means that Saturday is errand and task day.

I hate having tasks hanging over my head. “Damn, I need to do that” just annoys me. Do it and get it over with. There’s nothing like the feeling of having everything that needs doing done. You can relax.

There are things that need doing every weekend. The aquarium, brushing the cat, vacuuming, etc. And the monthly deep cleaning tasks. I keep a text file on my computer with those listed, along with whatever other task I need to remember to complete.

Today is deep cleaning the bedroom, which, since I was getting the oil changed anyway, entailed running a few errands to get things out of my closet. Once I get this cat off my lap I’m going to check on the washing, eat lunch, and finish emptying the closet so it can be vacuumed and resorted.

And even with the cat preventing my moving off this chair I still get something done. I can write and be furniture at the same time. Too bad no one’s here to make me a sandwich.

So instead of saying you’ll do it later, do it now. Go ahead and get it over with. You’ll feel much better and it may save you some headache in the future. Pick up the living room. Clean the aquarium. Wash the dishes. You’ll relax better after it’s all done.

And now the cat’s moved on to furniture that doesn’t shift periodically, so I’m free to go check on the washing.


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