How many books does it take to break even on a Kindle 2?

A book is to me like a hat or coat – a very uncomfortable thing until the newness has been worn off.
~Charles B. Fairbanks

Between 23 and 280.

How many books would it take for me to break even on a Kindle 2? It would probably be a negative number, seeing as I rarely purchase new books. If I can’t get it from the library or grab it used, I almost always shelve the title away on a list and grab something I can borrow or get used. I’ve bought maybe two or three new books last year. The rest of my reading was supplied by the library, my mother, or the local used bookstore.

I don’t need the convenience of a Kindle, either. I’m perfectly happy to have books crammed into every available space when I go on an airplane. I’m perfectly happy to wait patiently until the library gets the latest…well, I hardly ever read the latest of anything, now that I think about it. Maybe RA Salvatore, but that’s more of a “Hey, I wonder if Salvatore has anything new out…” than an anxious waiting.

I don’t see the point, and never have. If you’re not the type to religiously consume periodicals or need a large selection of quickly outdated and heavy reference materials, the Kindle just doesn’t make much sense.

There will always be those who prefer the convenience, or those that require the latest gew-gaw, but I don’t see the point in that, either. I’m still using a dumb phone, which probably tells you something.

And for what it’s worth, you have to read 22.5 books you’d otherwise buy new to have the carbon footprint break even. I think that’s the Kindle and not the Kindle 2, and the figures given are sketchy.

So all those people who keep telling me that it’s green and that it’ll pay for itself can all just fuck off. The library has enough reading material to keep me happy for the next ten years, probably. People should just quit being so damn picky. Read what you have and stop pining over books that aren’t currently available to you.


One Response to “How many books does it take to break even on a Kindle 2?”

  1. I totally agree. I get usually get used books for fifty cents or a dollar.
    Or I read a copy from the library. Average cost on Kindle is $10.
    And I love the “feel of a book in my hands”.

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