How minimalism is occasionally very useful

Two-legged creatures we are supposed to love as we love ourselves. The four-legged, also, can come to seem pretty important. But six legs are too many from the human standpoint.
~Joseph W. Krutch

Or, A Tale of Two Roommates.

My roommate and I could hardly be more different. I’m a moderate minimalist, she’s…not. I’ve got very little and almost nothing sitting about, she’s got a lot and most of it sitting about.

Enter the bedbugs.

I blame her for them, since she started getting bitten first, but who knows, maybe someone else in the building has them and gave them to us. The point is moot since they’re here regardless.

And guess which one of the two of us will have the worse time getting rid of them? Bedbugs love nooks and crannies and places to hide. The bedbugs in my bedroom have just the three bushes. There’s no end to the places where they can not be seen in my roommate’s bedroom.

Of course, while I’ll put up a much stronger fight against our anthropoid foes, I’ll also be continually reinfested from my roommate’s population until she either rids herself of them, too, or we part ways. At this juncture, the latter seems more likely. From what I’ve heard, heat treatment is at least two thousand dollars. For that price, I could toss all of my furniture and replace it. Our only other option is to do an Integrated Pest Management type approach and utilize pesticides, steamer treatments, and plastic bug-proof covers for the mattresses and boxsprings. And lots and lots of time. Especially for her. I can take care of the rest of the apartment in the time it takes her to do her bedroom.

All I can say right now, though, is that for your own sake, don’t get bedbugs. Unless you own only a bowl and a sleeping mat or something.

I’m off to the magical land of Oz to find the covers. Little bastards can starve and die in their little bubble.

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