The Obama family gives the middle finger

We have two kinds of morality side by side: one which we preach but do not practice and another which we practice but seldom preach.
~Bertrand Russell

So Michelle Obama and the kids took an Air Force One jet to spend Christmas in Hawaii…only four hours before Obama also took an Air Force One jet to Hawaii. Clip courtesy of the No Agenda Show.

Does this strike anyone else as FUCKING STUPID? Air Force One is a necessity, yes, but can’t they just wait four hours and all ride on the damn plane TOGETHER?

Even if you ignore the environmental consequences (a stupid waste of a limited resource and an unnecessary output of jet engine exhaust), the sheer COST of flying a private jet, much less AIR FORCE FUCKING ONE, TWICE, within FOUR HOURS, to the SAME DESTINATION, is just ridiculous.

This is just giving the middle finger to both the environment and the American people. We ride on a plane squashed between two fat people and not eating for ten hours while they take separate planes the way some people take separate cars.

And he claims to be cutting wasteful government spending. BULLSHIT.

Fuck you right back, Obama family.


3 Responses to “The Obama family gives the middle finger”

  1. WTF????

    All the dang politicians are crooked and self centered!

  2. Actually this is a safety precaution. In case the presidential plane is attached, the family will survive. I’m not sure when this protocol began, but it has historical precedence rooted in safety for the family. It’s not just a waste. If you want to talk about waste there are far more serious instances with far greater amounts of money involved. Bush tax cuts, two unfunded wars, wall street malfeasance, etc.

    Let the family have their vacation for Pete’s sake.

  3. Scouti Says:

    It may be policy, but seriously. Who the fuck is going to attack Air Force One? I think that’s a risk that the family of the President can deal with. They should have taken one plane. This is just another example of how our government has completely lost their common sense.

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