What do you say when your co-worker is the idiot of the year?

Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.
~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Today one of my co-workers informed us that oil is a renewable resource that replenishes itself naturally without taking thousands of years and thus we will never run out of oil.

For a moment, we thought he was being sarcastic. Then the horror sunk in.

Yes, there are people that seriously believe that oil is a renewable resource, just like there are people who seriously believe that atheists don’t exist, and that the Beastie Boys aren’t rappers.

None of us said anything, which answers the question of what you do in this situation. This guy is known to be full of shit, and we’d already used up our Arguing With Each Other Instead of Working quota on Monday when we discussed institutionalized racism. (Pro tip: Saying that everyone can rise above their situation when your white ass cannot rise yourself out debt is called “irony,” and this will get you laughed at. Loudly.)

Sometimes you just let them be idiots. My mother and I have this sort of relationship. She’s allowed to foam at the mouth for up to five minutes, and I don’t say shit. More than five minutes, and I walk out of the room. You gotta pick your battles.

To be fair, he didn’t say anything earlier in the day when I said that no, we wouldn’t run out of oil, but it would get to a point where the cost to extract it exceeded its value or alternative sources became advanced enough to be financially competitive. But he made his statement with such conviction that I actually had to double-check to make sure there wasn’t some new piece of information that had somehow passed me by. But then I realized Answers in Genesis agrees with him, and thus I knew he was yet again just full of shit. I haven’t found a correct piece of information on that site yet.


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